The act of searching and applying for a new job can be overwhelming and exhausting. Once engaged in the competitive interviewing process, it can feel almost impossible. Situated Consulting provides talented and driven professionals with the leverage and guidance they need to put their best for forward and thrive. Not only do we help candidates connect with great opportunities, we also work closely with you from resume submission, through the interview process and all the way to offer and acceptance.

Better Experience


At Situated Consulting, our goal is to provide candidates with a unique and rewarding experience. We put forth every effort simplify your job search and provide you with the tools to help maximize your talents. We believe that we connect the right people with the right opportunities by doing the following:

  • Understanding your professional needs and expectations
  • Connecting you with opportunities convenient to you geographic location
  • ¬†Negotiating not only for the best salary but for a better complete package, including vacation, equity and health benefits
  • Identifying opportunities that not only meet your immediate needs but also provide you with the ability to grow and advance your career
Relationship Driven


Situated Consulting does more than put you in front of hiring managers. We work with you through a specialized process that provides a level of benefits simply not found with less experienced partners. These benefits include:

  • Advice and assistance for tailoring your resume to specific positions
  • Detailed preparation for every interview
  • Client feedback following each interview
  • Post-placement follow-up reviews