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Industry Leaders


The competition for talent within the various specializations of the technology industry has only grown more intense. When you combine a shortage of highly qualified candidates with an ever-increasing demand, placing talented professionals can have a profound and immediate effect on the success and viability of an organization. For more than 15 years, Situated Consulting has established a reputation for success and fostered a growing database of industry leaders. We leverage these relationships and rely on our vast experience to provide staffing solutions that help our client partners succeed.


At Situated Consulting, our process is designed to deliver truly qualified professionals while maintaining an emphasis on efficiency. Our experience allows us to quickly ascertain both the technical and cultural needs of an organization and develop a strategy to satisfy on both counts.

We establish a clear understanding of your company, as well as your specific positional needs, and set forth to arrange an interview process that works best with your schedule.



Next, we take a more intensive look at your organization so that we can develop a holistic understanding of your company’s environment, its technological capacity and its vision for growth.

Focused with this information, we turn to our networks and database to identify 5-8 exceptional candidates who meet your expectations and provide you with their respective resumes for your review.



We connect with the potential candidates with whom you have expressed the most interest, solidifying their availability and promptly preparing them to interview with you at your convenience.

Our understanding of the industry and the organizations with whom we work combined with our access to top talent positions our clients with the ability to identify a candidate within 24-72 hours of the interview process.